Word Doc filenames that can infect you with the latest Zeus version – Zeus Panda virus

Surfing destination – Zeus Panda virus

If you have ever heard of Zeus virus, you will likely to spot this phrase in online media again. The malware crooks crafted an elaborate campaign exploiting Google search results’ functionality. They foisted specific keywords on hacked sites.

With the help of bots and Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking, they boosted the rating of these sites. As a result, users looking for the services by entering specific keywords were likely to fall into the trap of Zeus Panda banking trojan.

The notorious Word Doc filenames

According to Cisco Talos findings, here are the ominous search terms:

  • al rajhi bank working hours during Ramadan
  • axis bank mobile banking download link
  • bank of baroda account balance check
  • bank guarantee format mt760
  • free online books for bank clerk exam
  • how many digits in karur vysya bank account number
  • how to cancel a cheque commonwealth bank
  • nordea sweden bank account number
  • salary slip format in excel with formula free download
  • abi bank recurring deposit form

These keywords are universal suggesting that anyone who entered them, might have fallen into the trap. Last year the virus is said to have specifically targeted Brazilian bank users. The leaked Zeus virus code in 2011 was altered specifically for the Brazilian virtual audience.

Main condition of the execution – enabling macros

The malware still relies on macro settings. Affected users are diverted to compromise domains which ask to download an infected .doc file. In order to launch it, macro settings need to be enabled.

After the banking trojan is executed, it manifests certain immunity to sandboxing. The malware is also able to self-destruct if it senses the danger of getting deleted. The task of this banking trojan is simple – steal bank account credentials and, therefore, money.

Update – the key to system security

Certainly, if you tend to download questionable files and comply with the suggested instructions to see the content of such documents, no anti-virus will be able to help you. On the other hand, all major cybersecurity programs already detect this threat. Android users should be especially vigilant – they are an easy target for malware developers. Install an anti-virus on the phone to ward off Zeus virus.