Top reasons to eliminate files associated with Cookies On-Off extension

Cookies On-Off extension roots into the computer system and tries to avoid detection

Cookies On-Off is a malicious extension that typically installs itself on victim’s browsers and appears to be “installed by enterprise policy.” What also scares victims is that the extension is marked as one that cannot be managed, removed or disabled.

Such statements can make the victim nervous and lose hope to remove Cookies On-Off for good, however, this extension CAN and MUST be removed in order to use the computer safely.

The questionable extension[1] has over 500 reviews on Chrome store and only 1-star rating, which says a lot about its reliability. The majority of users claim that it is a malware that hijacked their browsers silently. On top of that, users complain that this extension won’t go away no matter what they do.

Cookies On-Off virus is a highly intrusive app that asks for these permissions:

  1. Read/Change content on websites the user visits;
  2. Display notifications (pop-ups);
  3. Control cookies, JavaScript, plugins, geolocation, microphone, camera, and other data/computer functions;
  4. Manage apps, extensions, and themes.

Such intrusive demands should not be ignored – this extension might try to spy on you via your microphone or camera, as it asks for your permission to control them. Therefore, we highly recommend that you delete this extension as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Cookies ON-OFF removal can be a tricky task to complete.

Cookies On-Off distribution

Users swear that Cookies On-Off malware[3] entered their systems unnoticeably. Security researchers believe that this dubious extension can be distributed via “Add Extension to Leave” ads[2], freeware bundles or even email.

The suspicious extension has its official website as well. After a successful infiltration, this dubious extension creates a folder in C:\Users\[PC USER’S NAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions folder.

To avoid installing this questionable app, never agree to install new programs using Default or Standard installation settings. You should choose Custom/Advanced option instead and deselect suggested additions one after another.

Finally, never agree to install any programs/updates from websites that display pop-ups or annoying banners.

Where can I find Cookies On-Off removal guidelines?

Cookies On-Off removal is not easy, and you should rely on professional malware removal guidelines if you’re willing to delete the virus manually. Unlike other extensions, this one refuses to go away if you simply click “Delete” next to it in Chrome’s Extensions panel. You will have to find and remove folder associated with it.

The name of the folder is dceidjjhomnclmfgflmjaomohekdgdgb and it is saved in your system. The instructions by 2-Spyware team should help you to delete the virus and reverse all changes it has made to your PC.