Mac Viruses: danger to your files on MacOS lead to new virus category development

Virus activity on MacOS based devices encouraged experts to create and research new malware category

Even though Mac devices are called virus-free it is not entirely true because malicious actors tend to create programs especially geared towards this operating system or particular devices like iPads or iPhones. Even ransomware developers target MacOS and create damage on your data and the machine in general.

The fact that most of the created malware target Windows devices don’t mean that Apple devices are completely safe. Mac viruses are real and especially dangerous because of malware programs that affect only Apple machines. Windows malware can be altered and newly released and even though it is more difficult with malicious programs generated to affect Mac operating system, malware developers create Mac malware more often than you think.

Due to the more recent virus activity on Apple devices and lack of knowledge on the particular malware targeting MacOS, cybersecurity researchers started to analyze and explain this newly developed Mac viruses category. Because of the constant change, malware developers can get even more creative and make malware targeting MacOS based machines.

Malware gets developed for Mac computers especially

Apple devices can be affected by various types of malware: from harmless browser hijackers to notorious ransomware. Tons of adware programs, unwanted extensions, tools or add-ons can be added to Safari or other browsers compatible with MacOS. Additionally, fake optimization tools often are developed for this operating system and we have already mentioned a few of them before. MacTonic is one of the more active ones.

Unfortunately, the more dangerous malware like cryptocurrency miners, scareware or even ransomware targets the so-called malware-free system. Users often assume they don’t need any additional protection on the Mac device when in reality this fact makes the system more vulnerable because anti-malware programs can keep your device from getting any cyber threats and blocks them even before the infiltration.

You may think that the bigger part of ransom-demanding programs targets Windows operating system but there are more clever malware developers who alter their product to affect the MacOS or even creates the ransomware for this operating system alone.

Data-locking and ransom demanding crypto malware targeting MacOS

Recent years revealed that even Apple users are not safe from cyber threats when MacRansom and MacSpy malware were discovered. These two were the main crypto-demanding virus variants that raised attention because of the malware-as-a-service functionalities.

MaaS portals were both launched on the dark Web and later used to attack devices using Mac operating systems. As many other ransomware-based threats, both of them demanded to pay for the alleged file decryption tool that may not even exist. Most of the ransomware victims get their data lost due to the encryption.

Even though first discovered Mac ransomware was flawed there is still a possibility to build and perfect these viruses. Many users all over the world got affected by these threats and it is only a matter of time when these numbers will enlarge and people get more involved in securing their Apple machines using trustworthy anti-malware tools.