JSZIPSVC.EXE can be a cause of annoying ads. What should you know about it?

JSZIPSVC.EXE runs the adware flooding browsers with intrusive ads

If you noticed JSZIPSVC.EXE running on your computer, probably, you have also noticed tons of aggressive and suspicious ads popping up on your browser. Thus, it’s time to check your computer’s state with the help of security program.

This executable file is responsible for running a Chinese application called Jisuzup[1] on the system. The application is presented as a tool for convenient work with archives. However, it is widely spread in software bundles and infiltrates computers silently all over the world.

In reality, this application belongs to the group of potentially unwanted programs (PUP)[2] that is designed to display lots of online ads on the browser. This adware might use a virtual layer that allows placing banners, pop-ups, in-text ads, and other commercial third-party content on each website user visits.

Online ads may lead to dangerous websites

If you have recently installed new programs or found a new default archive program, you might be dealing with this PUP. Once installed on the computer, this adware locates itself in %PROGRAM FILES%\MAOHA\JISUZIP\JSZIPSVC.EXE. Thus, if you want to check whether your PC is infected manually, look up this path.

The program generates aggressive pop-ups and ads that might cover the content of the website or do not have an active close button. In other words, they are designed to force users to click ad whether they want it or not.

Fake security alerts, offers to download crucial updates, suggestions to install unknown software, discount coupons, and other aggressive commercial content is annoying. However, it might be threatening too. JSZIPSVC.EXE might deliver ads that lead to potentially dangerous or high-risk websites where you can get infected with malware or lose personal information.

For instance, you might be offered a great discount for online shopping. Once you click on this ad hoping to take the offer, you might be asked to enter some personal details:[3] full name, email, address or credit card information. However, such coupons are fake. They are created by cyber criminals to obtain sensitive information.

Tips to avoid ad-supported application

JSZIPSVC.EXE and other ad-supported programs spread bundled with various free programs that you can download from the Internet. However, you can avoid adware and its negative features by having in mind these simple tips:

  • Choose reliable sources for software installation;
  • Read EULA[4] and Privacy Policy before starting the installation;
  • Opt for Advanced/Custom installation option;
  • Read notifications that appear in each installation steps;
  • Unmark all pre-selected programs, browser extensions, and other third-party apps.

We want to stress out that relying on Quick/Recommended setup and downloading suspicious software from torrents may lead to even bigger problems than intrusive online ads. Careless software installation might end up with an infiltration of malicious program.