Dublin Tram Service loses files due to the hack on their website

Luas – tram service in Dublin took down their website because of the possible harm to their files

The officials from Luas.ie confirmed that the site was taken down due to the malicious ransom demanding message. One Bitcoin was demanded when the attacker compromised the website and displayed a ransom message.

The confirmation message was issued on the official Facebook page for Luas and stated:

The website has been taken down by the IT company who manage it and their technicians are working on it. Luas are informed this may take the day to resolve.

Various experts speculate that this attack was planned as a punishment for the company. Even experts at Pcsecurise.fr have confirmed that some hackers previously reported security issues of the website, and the company hasn’t reacted. The note that contains a ransom demand states about this fact that malicious actors have written about “security holes” before.

Sensitive customer information in danger

Even though the incident was described as static, it is possible that hackers have compromised information on the website or other sensitive details regarding customers. The spokesman for the company stated that the more sensitive customer information was safe.

However, the actual impact is not indicated, and the harm is still not confirmed. The hack is still investigated, and there are no reports about the damage and possible danger or harm to the service.

In similar ransom demanding attacks, data on the targeted system gets locked/encrypted and then the payment is demanded for the decryption. In this case, the company is suggested to pay otherwise hackers could publish the sensitive information about the customers.

Possible danger and solutions after the attack

Unfortunately, the incident in Dublin-based tram service happened due to the unpatched vulnerabilities in the system. These issues should be taken care of more frequently to avoid any hack or data breach. However, companies are not reacting to these problems quickly enough.

Since there are no reports about the final impact on the company officials, need to update the customers as much as possible to ensure that their data is not compromised. Additionally, employing professional IT specialists could give an advantage because hackers can make more harmless changes in the network when the access is gained.

As for the customers and every day PC user, ransom-demanding cyber threats can be categorized as the most dangerous computer infections because of the payment demands and the infiltration behind your back. Remember that paying is not the best solution and you need to remove the malware as soon as possible.