Csrss.exe virus: disguised behind fake Windows process

Fake Windows file causes constant crashes and can access personal data on the system

Malicious files can be disguised as various system processes and perform infect the system silently. These intruders can be set to perform multiple actions on the device depending on the end goal of its’ developers. This Csrss.exe trojan is geared to steal users’ data regarding banking information. This infection can even open backdoors for other malware and collect keystrokes.

Csrss.exe is a legitimate Windows process that is used for the graphical system. Unfortunately, these executable files are found running in the background, so cybercriminals tend to use them as a disguise for their malicious products. In this case, financial data-stealing trojan.

The trojan disguised as a file tracks your online activity

This particular malicious file is categorized as a trojan because of the data tracking and keystroke collecting activity. When researched it registers as:

  • Trojan.W32.Rontokbro;
  • Trojan.W32.Sober;
  • Trojan.W32.VIRKEL

Also, this malware related to other malware that hides under the name of Windows process. TrustedInstaller.exe is a malware that can compromise operations and cause crashes.

The main purpose of a Csrss.exe virus is to infiltrate the system, hide in the background while mining cryptocurrency, using CPU power, recording keystrokes and mouse movements, collecting passwords and logins for banking services. This malware can also help other cybercriminals to gain remote access on the infected system.

The way to determine if the file is malicious

The first thing you need to check when concerned about the legitimacy of a file is the place on a PC. This csrss.exe should be located in the Windows system folder. If you find this process on the Task manager and it is not placed in that particular folder be aware of the possible threat.

You should run a full system scan using anti-malware tools to make sure the origin and the purpose of this file. If you found out that this is indeed a trojan horse, there is a big possibility that your information is tracked or even collected by unpredictable and possibly dangerous people.

The best way of virus removal is the anti-malware tools. These programs can detect and remove infections, block possible threats and maximize the security of your system if used alongside antivirus program.