Be aware of maliciously acting secoh-qad.exe file

Secoh-qad.exe file can be related to Trojan horse

In general, this is an executive file used to load KMSpico-tool that allows cracking software and applications without activation codes. This file is noticed in Task Manager as running in the background because it needs to run this tool. But secoh-qad.exe might appear there because of malicious activity and relation with malware.

Secoh-qad.exe is a file that many researchers link with a Trojan horse, that is a dangerous cyber infection with multiple abilities. It can spy, blackmail, mine cryptocurrency or even spread other malware programs on your computer. Trojan viruses can be used in a variety of different illegal activities by cybercriminals. It is common for malware creators to disguise their products with known file names.

Silent intruders can lead to harmful effects

Unfortunately, malware like this rarely has any symptoms because it came with known file names and silently. But if you notice weird computer behavior, crashes or freezes out of nowhere and general sluggishness you might be dealing with Trojan. However, these are not distinct and noticeable.

The typical Trojan horse can be used in various malware attacks. Depending on the developer and his goal, this malware acts as a backdoor or more active intruder. While on your system Trojan horse can be set for:

  • Spying and gathering valuable information from the user. A possible technique for this is keystroke logging or screen grabbing. It can also use your webcam when you think it is turned off, to spy directly on you.
  • Crypto mining is an activity that trojans are great for because of the silent infection. While working in the background, the virus uses your computers’ CPU to mine cryptocurrency and send it directly to the hacker.
  • Opening backdoor for other malware. Secoh-qad.exe might be used to infect a PC with malware further. It serves as a gateway into the system.
  • Destructing the system. Trojans can even be used to delete personal documents, corrupt other files or damage the system in general. It may be reverted, but often this leads to a useless device.

Silently infected files can be avoided

If you are dealing with the malicious file and all this activity you might want to protect your system from further damage. It can be done using proper tools. Antivirus should be an essential piece of your system, and anti-malware tools need to be used if you think that you already have an infection on your device. Anti-malware can detect corrupted or malicious files, remove them or other unwanted programs. This tool can also block intruders later on if used as a security tool.

Since these malicious files can come attached to documents on spam emails, do not forget to clean it more often. Never download software from unreliable sources if you want to avoid these infections. Be aware that visiting shady websites might be dangerous or even illegal. Avoid clicking on ads and banners. Get software updates from legitimate sites and employ known security tools, make sure they are running all the time. Build a routine of backing your files, in case of data loss.