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Protect filesThe rising threat of ransomware is the main reason to start looking for a good security software

The recent months have been really unfortunate to many users – tons of horrifying new threats have arisen. Probably the most malicious ones are YkcolCerber, Lukitus, Cesar, and Arena – these are the names of pieces of ransomware launched by deceitful hackers.

Once they hop onto the victim’s computer, they cause tremendous damage by encrypting all the files on the PC. This is bad – all your documents, photos, music, movies, and other files are made inaccessible. For example, the files encrypted by Cerber will have the extension .cerber or similar. Thus, it is impossible to open them.

The ransomware then displays a message saying that the user has to pay a certain sum of money (usually in bitcoin) to unlock the files. However, there are no guarantees that the malware will actually unlock the files and your many years’ work might perish.

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