Mac Auto Fixer: PUA that claims to clean infected files

Mac Auto Fixer is a fake optimization tool that claims to improve the performance of your device

This is another useless application promoted as a program than you need to have on your device. This particular one is developed by PCVARK that is known for creating these deceptive tools. Mac Auto Fixer is a potentially unwanted application that allegedly can scan your system for malware, possible threats, junk files and system vulnerabilities. However, this is merely a scam and the only thing this program does – promotes more tools and tricks people into purchasing them.

This tool performs a questionable scan on your system and after that displays a list of possible threats and errors that require fixing. But the issue is that free version has no ability to fix your PC problems. You are suggested to purchase a full version of this software in order to remove threats and errors. This is the main goal of this PUA – to make the profit from people.

The alleged feature of detecting infected files

This tool is promoted as capable to detect infected files, clear junk items and possibly protecting your private data from exposing. These features allegedly are only available if you pay 118 euro for the full version of the program. Unfortunately, even this version is not fixing those issues. This tool cannot detect or remove infected files or other threats.

The only thing this tool does after you pay for the license is clearing that list. Threats displayed after the suspicious scan can be only fake and your system is possibly clean. The only threat you have is adware related to the Mac Auto Fixer tool that infiltrated your system without your permission.

You can avoid cyber infections if you pay attention while browsing online

This intrusive program causes a lot of ads and redirects but these ads can be the reason you get this adware on your device. Advertisements promote similar tools and applications all the time and the more gullible people tend to believe that these tools are essential. Also, if you get software from those ads or redirects directly you may get additional programs like Mac Auto Fixer.

However, the most important thing you need to know is how important is to choose software providers wisely. If you use peer-to-peer networks for this you need to pay attention and choose Advanced or Custom options for the installation processes. This option allows you to see all programs and gives you the ability to de-select unwanted pieces.

When it comes to Mac Auto Fixer removal it is not that difficult if you know which tools to use. Anti-malware programs are specifically designed to terminate unwanted programs and other silent infections. You should find the one that fits your needs and keep it on your device to maximize the security of your system.