Amazon Assistant aa.hta may cause more troubles than bring benefits

Amazon’s popularity awakens the developers of questionable tools

Shopping online can be a very pleasant activity, especially if you know where you can find the best deals. Amazon is considered one of the biggest market places offering an exceptional product list and the biggest discounts. This online shopping giant has been operating for more than 13 years.

To make people’s shopping routine faster and more efficient, developers have presented numerous browser add-ons and apps. However, one of these Amazon-related add ons can hardly go together with its reputation[1]. It seems that you need to be careful with Amazon Assistant which has already received an exceptional amount of attention.

This browser extension is available on Chrome and Firefox web stores, and is rated four stars which may refer to its legitimacy. However, if you take into account that it fails to leave your computer when you want it to, then you might treat this app differently. If you found Amazon Assistant aa.hta file on your computer, make sure you continue reading this post because this app has also been traveling around without users’ approval.

Comes with Java update

One of the key aspects causing various discussions related to Amazon Assistant aa.hta file is its distribution method. According to numerous users, they found this PUP after updating their Java software without reading what “optional offers” it promotes. One of these “optional offers” allows installing Amazon Assistant virus[2] and also setting Amazon Smart Search as the default search engine.

Whether you grant the permission to install the offered add-ons, a notification informing that the extension will be able to read and change your bookmarks, display notifications, locate a geographical location, and even ”manage your apps, extensions, and themes” flashes. To sum up, after downloading an update for Java, you welcome a browser extension which can manage your browser traffic according to its own liking.

Relevant commercial offers in exchange for personal privacy?

After checking the official Privacy Policy and similar statements, it becomes clear how the personal users’ information is treated. According to these statements, the app may share collected information (including personal users’ details) with affiliated businesses. This peculiarity should be important to those who are especially cautious about their online privacy.

However, the last signal raising doubts about the reliability of this virtual shopping assistant is that it fails to leave the system when it is asked to. Users have been reporting difficulties while removing the Amazon Assistant aa.hta file and, it seems, that the only method that helps when dealing with this issue is finding Amazon folder on your computer and deleting it.[3]

Nowadays, a wide list of legitimate websites engages in users’ data exchange activities to deliver “high-quality services”. However, where does users’ privacy take place in the myriad of 24/7 tracking? Is it possible to use all the benefits of online shopping but retain relative anonymity? Taking into account the frequency of data leak incidents, more netizens may be forced to consider the former online security dilemma.