Reasons to double check Chromium.exe process running on your computer

Chromium.exe might be a dangerous process

Chromium.exe is one of the innocent-looking files that might hide dangers and put your computer and even privacy at risk.

When you open the Task Manager, you can see numerous different processes running on your PC. However, the names of these processes might be misleading. Hackers learned to use names of legitimate .exe files to infiltrate computers.

Using obfuscated names helps malicious programs and viruses bypass various antivirus programs. In this way, both users and computer might be tricked and let the potentially unwanted program (PUP)[1] or malware[2] enter the system.

Chromium.exe might also be used for such activities. Nevertheless, the file is usually associated with Chromium open-source[3] browser project and might be executable for various safe browsers; shady developers might exploit it too.

According to Virus Total, 9 of the 53 antivirus programs identify this file as dangerous.

Usually, the presence of a malicious Chromium.exe file is followed by numerous suspicious activities, such as sluggish computer’s performance, intrusive online ads, redirects to unknown websites or strange security alerts disturbing the work with a computer.

In this case, you need to employ a security software and make sure that this process is not dangerous.

The legitimate Chromium open-source project helps hackers to create potentially dangerous applications

Just like the majority of people, hackers also take advantage of free stuff. While people always love to try new products or services for free; cyber criminals use open-source projects to reach their nasty and illegal goals.

The same unpleasant problem occurred with Chromium open-source browser project that is currently widely used by developers of browser hijacker.

Google developers started the project as a basis for Google Chrome web browser.[4] Currently, we have two browsers that share similar code – Chrome and Chromium.

Chromium was created to help users to browse the web faster and safer. However, its code is available online. Thus, anyone can use it create a new search engine.

There are numerous web browsers based on Chromium’s code, but not all of them are safe to use. Developers of the browser hijackers took advantage of this open-source project too.

Signs that Chromium.exe might be malicious

Chromium.exe shows up in the Task Manager after the installation of particular programs. Thus, if you have recently installed a Chromium-based browser, the file might be associated with it.

However, if you have installed any freeware or shareware incorrectly, this process might notify about potentially dangerous or even malicious program that sneaked inside the PC without your knowledge.

By saying “incorrectly,” we have in mind “Quick” or “Recommended” settings. Installing free programs under such setups might allow downloading potentially dangerous software. You should always opt for “Advanced” or “Custom” settings to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Finding a new browser’s homepage, set unknown search engine as your default one, being continuously redirected to suspicious websites and being bombarded with online ads are the main signs that Chromium.exe is a dangerous process.

It means that some potentially dangers application or Chromium virus[5] resides on the system. Thus, it’s better to scan the computer with security tool and stop this malicious process with the help of it.