Be careful with ByteFence.exe. It may fail to protect your system from malware

How did ByteFence become so infamous

Over the years of ByteFence existence, people have been concerned about its legitimacy and trustworthiness. The main reason for that could be directed towards the distribution of the software files, including bytefence.exe.

The secondary reason would probably be its ability to change system preferences and set as a preferred search engine on the target web browser. Finally, we should not forget about the detection by other anti-virus or anti-malware programs.

When you see a red warning sign stating that PUP.ByteFence is detected, you naturally start looking for Bytefence removal options. If you know that you did NOT install this software, you can become even more suspicious. Where did this exe file come from? Why does my anti-virus detect it? Not knowing how it got there, people have started calling ByteFence a virus and the program earned purely negative reputation amongst internet users.

Slow steps towards reputation

Despite different security reports claiming that it is malware and concerns about its purpose, security experts have tested program’s functionality and ability to protect the system.[1] It seems that Bytefence is legitimate. However, even though it has been quite some time in development, it is still far away from other security giants.[2].

If you are willing to use this program against the most dangerous and damaging threats or zero-day malware, you should find another tool. In addition, note that the free version of this anti-malware is just a malware detection tool as it does not provide any options for removal or quarantine.

What’s next?

The developers of Bytefence have already stopped using its initial distribution methods that kept many users in a skeptical position towards the company for a very long time. As we have said, the most notable ones were browser changes and additional programs installed by ByteFence on your computer.

Taking into account that the company has been using all these activities for years, there is no surprise that people are still concerned. In fact, there are several anti-viruses that still detect it as virus or a potentially unwanted program.

Until we have a solid amount of data[3] related to ByteFence’s protection rate and more appropriate distribution methods, it is recommended to avoid downloading or installing the software as it can still contain bundleware files that could be not useful at all.